Day: August 13, 2013

“Souvenir Nation” by William L. Bird, Jr.

“Souvenir Nation” by William L. Bird, Jr. c.2013, Princeton Architectural Press $24.95 / $29.95 Canada 176 pages   BOOK REVIEW by TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER You must have rocks in your head. Surely, if not there, you’ll find them in the family room, the bathroom, and your child’s bedroom. Yes, your kids bring home rocks – along with driftwood, broken shells, a butterfly wing, and a cupful of pens with hotel names on the side, all keepsakes that somehow became important remembrances of summer fun. To the average person, none of those things are worth a dime but to your family, they’re priceless. And in the new book “Souvenir Nation” by William L. Bird, Jr., you’ll see what odd treasures (real and imagined) reside in the Smithsonian Museum . It seems horrifying today but the fact is that after George Washington died, there were no formal plans to preserve his estate. Visitors to the “crumbling” site “pried shards and fragments from Washington’s home” until 1852, when a distant nephew hired an entrepreneur to sell bits of it, including wood from the area around Washington’s tomb. Indeed, splinters of one of Washington ’s coffins (he had several) were also eventually parceled out. Over the years, Americans collected bits and pieces of things they considered important and bequeathed them to various museums and government entities tasked with accepting those items. In 1835, funds...

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Public Services Fair offers something for everyone

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes Hot dogs, backhoes and adoptable pets: what more could a child want? That and much more will be on hand at the Public Works Fair, taking place Wednesday, Aug. 14 from 2 to 6 p.m. at Keizer Rapids Park. Jenniffer Warner, Public Works specialist with the City of Keizer, noted since 2005 the event had been held in May in conjunction with Public Works Week and was put on with assistance from the Keizer Fire District. Last year, the event was moved to August and became focused on Public Works. “We decided to do it in the summer to take advantage of a better chance of having better weather,” Warner said. “It’s an event for the general public to come, familiarize themselves with our public works services, get some educational information or ask questions. Basically, this event is to outreach and work with the community.” According to Warner, last year’s event should be a good springboard to a bright future. To read the complete article and other news from around the Keizer area, pick up a copy of the August 9 print edition of Keizertimes, available at stores all around the area. To subscribe to the print edition for just $25 a year, click on the ‘Subscribe Today’ link at the top of the page, call 503-390-1051 or visit our office at 142 Chemawa...

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