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Of the Keizertimes

Have you noticed some cloudy looking tap water lately in Keizer?

If so, you’re not alone.

Further, city Public Works officials are aware of the issue and assure there are no health concerns.

Last week, Artfarm Pictures posted a video link on the Keizertimes Facebook page. The link included this: “Our water has been cloudy, like lemonade, for two weeks. I’ve talked to three different neighbors on two blocks and it’s cloudy for everyone. What’s up with the water Keizer?”

The short video (one minute, 43 seconds) shows some rather cloudy looking water being poured from a kitchen sink into a glass. Over the course of the video, the cloudiness slowly dissipates.

Elizabeth Sagmiller, Environmental Program coordinator for the City of Keizer, explained what’s up with the water.

“Keizer Public Works staff is aware of the issue,” Sagmiller said. “What you’re seeing is air in the water, which gives the appearance of being cloudy, but is entirely harmless. Public Works personnel are investigating the issue, but we haven’t identified what’s causing the problem just yet. I want to emphasize that there is no public consumption risk.”

Sagmiller said on Aug. 2 the issue was not citywide.

“The issue is isolated and has only been identified recently,” she said. “The Water Department will make some adjustments today that may result in seeing clearer drinking water.”