To the Editor:

I think it would be a good idea to look at the stop light situation where Ulali Drive connects to Lockhaven Drive.  Specifically if you are entering Lockhaven to travel east.

No turn is permitted on red, which causes terrible lines of traffic to form.  There is really no reason right turn should not be permitted here on a red light.

Also, if you are entering Lockhaven to go west, you can turn right on a red even though you are directly crossing a railroad track.  If the train is coming, the sign that says “No turn on red” is lit, but I personally have been caught here when I did a right turn and then the light came on and I was almost hit by the falling railroad bar.  I think coming out of the station from the north should be barred from right turn on red and coming out from the south (heading east on Lockhaven) should allow right turn on red.

If you go there on a Friday afternoon (many other times for sure) you will see a huge line of cars backed up to get onto eastbound Lockhaven Drive.  Often they are backed up to the underpass.

Teresa Jones