To the Editor:

Like many other Keizerites we have found a wonderful place to spend time together as a family while playing with our beloved pooch, Maggie, at the Keizer Rapids Dog Park. We have, however, noticed that parking is becoming an issue when summer concerts or plays are being held. The park does have a sign that states Parking for Dog Park Visitors Only. However, it is very small and hidden on the bottom half of a kiosk pretty much unnoticeable to most guests.  I brought this to the attention of the parks department last summer suggesting that perhaps the sign could be placed in a more visible location.

Alas, summer concerts are back (yea!) and the park is once again full of people enjoying the fresh air, friends, music and entertainment. The parks department has stated that the grassy area to the south of the dog park is where concert attendees should in fact be parking. The paved area is provided for dogs and their guests who frequent the dog park. We took our kids and dog to the park last night, Friday, July 26th and were disappointed to find all of the parking spaces full with only a handful of dogs at the park. Once again, the concert/play guests parked in an area specifically designated for dog park guests only. Since the city has not moved the sign to a better location where it’s clearly visible to all, I would ask that those attending the summer events please be respectful and park in the grassy area provided and allow the pets and their guests to park on the pavement outside of the dog park.

Your help and support would be greatly appreciated!

Dona Jones