Day: August 2, 2013

Education at Keizer Rapids

If supporters prevail the former caretakers house at Keizer Rapids Park would be converted into an education center. The house is located on the bluff overlooking the park’s amphitheatre. Some say the house should be razed and a...

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Parking at Keizer Rapids dog park

To the Editor: Like many other Keizerites we have found a wonderful place to spend time together as a family while playing with our beloved pooch, Maggie, at the Keizer Rapids Dog Park. We have, however, noticed that parking is...

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Ulali Drive and Lockhaven

To the Editor: I think it would be a good idea to look at the stop light situation where Ulali Drive connects to Lockhaven Drive.  Specifically if you are entering Lockhaven to travel east. No turn is permitted on red, which...

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