Day: July 30, 2013

Envisioning an educational center at KRP

  By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes Just what would happen at an educational center out at Keizer Rapids Park? In recent weeks, Keizertimes has looked at Rick Day’s renewed efforts to get an educational center at KRP. Day’s plans have been approved by the Keizer Parks and Recreation Advisory Board – of which he is part – three times, including earlier this month. Members of the Keizer City Council would have to approve plans before the project could go forward. Day, owner of Advantage Precast in Keizer, has proposed converting the existing Charge house into an educational center. He estimates such a project would cost $170,000. Of that, he’s hoping for $70,000 from the city in the form of System Development Charges (SDCs) and the rest from donated materials and volunteer labor. But what is the vision for such a facility? “It would serve a bunch of purposes,” said Day, who drew up plans in March 2009. “A school bus could drop kids off on weekdays. There would be a walkway to the courtyard above the amphitheater. In that corridor, there would be historic and art-related stuff. Plants could be in placards. There are two paddles we have procured from sternwheelers. What I would love to see is that integrated somewhere in the park. “So you would have the sternwheeler thing, native plants and the history of the...

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Gubser NA adds to name, boundary

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes Finally, the Gubser Neighborhood Association is officially Greater. Leaders with the neighborhood association had voted several months ago to expand the boundaries, to match the Gubser Elementary School boundaries. At the same time, adding “Greater” to the name was proposed to signify new neighborhoods being brought into the fold. The issue came before Keizer City Councilors July 15. Councilors voted unanimously to allow the expansion. The association, which held its first annual neighborhood-wide garage sale last Saturday, is now the Greater Gubser Neighborhood Association (GGNA). At a previous meeting in July Brad Coy, president of GGNA, estimated the expansion would mean 2,000 homes are within GGNA boundaries, roughly matching the size of the West Keizer Neighborhood Association. To read the complete article and other news from around the Keizer area, pick up a copy of the July 26 print edition of Keizertimes, available at stores all around the area. To subscribe to the print edition for just $25 a year, click on the ‘Subscribe Today’ link at the top of the page, call 503-390-1051 or visit our office at 142 Chemawa Road North in...

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