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Of the Keizertimes

Offers of help came quickly last week at Classic Tap Dance Company – including one from a 6-year-old Spider-Girl.

The dance studio at 392 Chemawa Road North was broken into sometime overnight last Wednesday, July 17. Items stolen included a video camera, computer, hard drives, monitors, sound systems and hundreds of CDs.

Jane Raddatz, who owns the dance studio along with brother Danny Wold, noted the CDs are used for practice every day.

“Students will have to bring their own CDs,” Raddatz said. “But at least they didn’t vandalize the place. They just took stuff they could sell quickly.”

The siblings opened the studio in 1999, but hadn’t been victims of burglary before.

“We’ve had vandalism, but never this,” Raddatz said. “They also took toilet paper. They broke into our shed, too. They emptied our drawers.”

Wold said evidence left behind showed the burglary was done by at least two people.

“They smoked in here,” Wold said. “They left two different kinds of cigarettes.”

By the next day, families that frequent Classic Tap for lessons had stopped by to offer help.

“We had a 6-year-old girl who wanted to stay here tonight,” Wold said last Thursday. “She said if someone broke in again, she would scream loud enough to attract the police. She was willing to be strapped to the ceiling. She certainly was not afraid to help. She was like a mini-superhero.”

Raddatz noted the girl’s siblings had also come up with other ideas before making a visit.