To the Editor:

I can understand Mr. Ludwig’s letter (Keizertimes, July 5) regarding the Keizer Sunday Farmers Market parking since it was going to be a hot day and parking in the shade would be nice.

However, at both entrances to the Sunday Market parking areas, there are signs directing you to the Sunday Market parking (all still in the city hall parking lot).  It looks like he chose to ignore those signs and thus, put himself in that position.  The exchange with the parking lot attendant may not have gone well but it should not have happened at all.  There is ample parking in the city hall parking lot for people attending the Sunday Market and there are even some trees for shade on the east side.  This would entail walking maybe another 100 feet.  Also, Lakepoint Community Church has been using city hall for some time so they would have priority parking over the Sunday Market, in the areas closest to the city hall entrance, until about 11 a.m. on Sunday.  Then, anyone can park throughout the lot.  So, to “trash” the church and the Sunday Market because he failed to follow the signs is unfair to both.  I would think an apology is in order?

Al Rasmus