Day: June 21, 2013

Grow but save farmlands

The importance of agriculture in our area is apparent the moment one drives a few miles north or east of Keizer—especially in the summer months. Thousands of acres of prime farm land is bursting with the crops of the season,...

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At the mayoral summit

To the Editor: A few weeks ago I was invited to, and attended an informal “summit” meeting of the titular heads of their respective communities: our own Mayor Lore Christopher, and Sheila Stuart of Cambridge England (who just...

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Smartphones lead to dumb choices

By DON VOWELL It is now fairly certain that smartphones are the cause of nearly every problem in America.  That includes financial, driving, educational, workroom, health and social problems. First things first.  If you are...

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Would libertarianism work in the U.S.?

By GENE H. McINTYRE There are quite a number of self-proclaimed libertarians as federal and state government office-holders these days.  Since so many Americans vote them as their representatives in capitals across the nation as...

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