Day: June 14, 2013

Protecting against Medicare fraud

We’ve recently heard reports that a variation on an old scam is making the rounds. It sounds like this: (Ring, ring) Unsuspecting person who answers the phone:  Hello? Scammer who is calling:  Ma’am, I’m calling from...

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‘Ma and pa’ boil over LID

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes Delinquent taxes on two Keizer Station properties are a hot topic once again. In a letter dated June 4 to Keizer Mayor Lore Christopher, state Sen. Tim Knopp and Rep. Gene Whisnant wrote on...

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America’s shortest war was in Texas

By GENE H. McINTYRE Last week I wrote an article about what’s known to be our nation’s longest war (August, 1996 to the present time and counting), inviting, thereby, anyone interested to Name that War.  As a suggestion, I...

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