The Keizer Rapids Off-Leash Dog Park is celebrating its fifth anniversary this season. And what a success it has been and continues to be.

Before Keizer Rapids Park was created there was no place in the city to let your dog run leash-free except your backyard. When planning for the park was underway the idea of a dog park was added. With a generous donation from Keizer Veterinary Clinic and tireless hours of volunteer help and donations, the dog park was born and it has been a hit ever since.

The Keizer Parks Foundation has been instrumental in raising funds for amenities in the park for its customers—dogs of every size. There is a water foundation with an attached doggie water bowl, a faux fire hydrant in the park for the dog’s natural impulses and shelters for their human owners to relax as their pets run themselves ragged around and around the park.

With a small dog enclosure attached the park caters to every type of dog. Our four-legged friends enjoy it and our two-legged neighbors love it.

The park is heavily used by both residents and non-residents. By any measure the dog park is a draw to our city and a wonderful facet in our parks system.