The members of the McNary High School class of 2013 who will receive their diplomas at graduation June 7 have probably received more advice, assistance and warnings than they want to  hear.

Most of the graduates have made their post-high school plans: summer jobs, summer travel, preparing for college close by or far away.

A number of years ago there was a novelty ditty about what graduates could expect and what they should do.  You know, the one that ends “…always use sunscreen.”

Of all the advice graduates will receive as they prepare for their journey into the world, the best is to ask questions. It’s simple and easy to do and opens vistas.

Graduates, if college is your next step, keep in mind that education is more than what you learn from a book or in a lecture. You can learn so much about the world around you from the people you meet and the experiences you will have. If you accept the notion that your education never ends your post-high school years will be enriched and enhanced by what you learn outside a classroom.

Regardless of what interests you, asking questions of those in that field will give you insights. If you are interested in business, ask any person about their business. You can be assured that very few will  not answer you; a successful person is eager to share the story of their particular journey.

Interested in the arts? By asking questions of an artist you will discover what it takes to be a good writer, a great dancer, or a talented musician. You will learn of the lean days and the flush days; you will get tips about how to ace an audition, get your artwork accepted into a juried show.

The questions are not hard; it’s similar to reporting. By asking someone how they succeeded, what they needed to succeed, where they succeeded and who helped them succeed, you will get a quick education about how the world works.

It is true that the world is your oyster, graduates. Hard work is the common denominator in the stories of all successful people. They asked how, what, why, where and who.  If you keep that in mind your life-long education will take you where you want to go.   —LAZ