A farmer’s market is returning to Keizer this Sunday and that’s good news for local shoppers. The Keizer Sunday Market will open at 10 a.m. at Chalmers Jones Park-—at the civic center.

The market is organized by people who know what they are doing: the Salem Saturday Market. Anyone who has shopped the Salem market knows the wide variety of fresh produce, flowers, crafts and baked goods  available. Now Keizer will have the same array of goods to buy in its own backyard.

There have been attempts at a farmers market in Keizer in the past, but with the Salem organization staging the new one we expect to see a vibrant and colorful shopping experience that will grow as summer continues.

The Keizer Farmers Market will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. each Sunday through Sept. 1.

The market will be a good place for Keizer households to purchase the produce they don’t grow in their own gardens. Or, if one desires, a beautiful flower bouquet or yummy baked goods.

Farmers markets are popular throughout Oregon from little towns to the Portland area. They are great for purchasing fresh goods direct from the grower or artist as well as for people watching. With support from the community the market here in Keizer should be a success, adding new vendors each week.

The organizers and proponents of the Keizer Farmers Market, such as Tina Schneider and city councilor Cathy Clark, are to be congratulated for not letting their vision fade away. Farmers markets have opened and closed in Keizer over the past 10 years, some barely earning the moniker. We are hopeful that the new market at the civic center will fill a niche here in Keizer and that residents embrace it as their own.