The tenure of Ken LeDuc on the Keizer City Council has come to a sudden end. He submitted his resignation late last week citing health issues. He was elected in November, opposed only by a write-in candidacy.

While it is unfortunate that Mr. LeDuc resigned after only four months in office, the vacancy offers the remaining councilors a chance to shape the body for the future.

Applicants for the vacant seat have until June 3 to submit their resumes to the city. Candidates will appear before the council in a special session scheduled for June 10. The council will decide on a process for the session—a presentation by each applicant, questions from the councilors or a combination.

The council should devise three questions that will be asked following a five-minute presentation by each applicant. The questions should involve issues that look to the future of Keizer.

The three questions should be:

• If our Urban Growth Boundary is to be expanded, where should it be and what should its uses be?

• What steps should the city take to increase living-wage jobs in Keizer?

• Would you support a Keizer parks district with its own taxing powers?

Those three questions cover areas that are important to the future of the city in both the short and long term. Councilors need to choose an applicant that can work with the other members, but it should not merely look for someone who is in lockstep with prevailing views.

Choosing a woman would give the council a minority of men for the first time ever. We hope a number of women apply as well as members of Keizer’s Hispanic community. Anyone who feels that have something to contribute to the city and its citizens should seriously consider applying.

The person chosen to fill LeDuc’s seat will have the 42 months remaining in the term to help Keizer move forward into the future. Our community has no shortage of quality candidates and we encourage them to ask themselves what they can do for their city.   —LAZ