Day: May 14, 2013

Lawyer at home in Public Works

  By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes In 1989, Bill Lawyer was simply looking for a career. He definitely found it. Lawyer was hired by Rob Kissler in September 1989 to work as water works operator in Keizer’s still relatively new water department. “It was my first exposure to Public Works,” Lawyer said. “I saw that water was a growing field. I was looking for a place to stay and build a career, since I had a young family. There were a lot of opportunities in a city growing so fast at the time.” Last May, Lawyer was promoted to Public Works director after serving as the department’s superintendent for 14 years. The promotion came when Kissler retired. Lawyer moved to the Keizer area at age 10 and has been here most of the time since. The exception was two years spent on a Dundee farm shortly after Lawyer and wife Kriss became first-time parents. “I tried that farm life thing,” Lawyer said. “It was great. I was a city kid living on a farm. We did some crazy things. We loved it. I didn’t want to lose the friendship we had. But I had a lot of fun.” Lawyer then worked at Willamette Lutheran Homes before taking a job with the city, which had taken over a water district four years earlier. To read the complete article and...

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Schrader shares frustration at Keizer Rotary

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes The way U.S. Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Canby) sees it, not enough of his colleagues in Congress are being honest enough with constituents. During comments at a Keizer Rotary luncheon May 2, the 5th District representative shared frustration about the lack of information being shared regarding the ongoing budget woes, which led to sequester cuts earlier this year. “Very few people are talking about the sequester cuts with their constituents,” said Schrader, a former state legislative leader who was first elected to Congress in 2008. Schrader said a lack of political courage leads to such behavior. “The tone I get is people are willing to give up a little if everyone else is,” he said. “Most (members of Congress) aren’t talking with folks about what’s really going on. Part of the issue is redistricting. There are 435 representatives and 400 are guaranteed re-election if they stay true to either the right or left wing. That means only 35 seats are toss-ups, including two in Oregon with me and Peter DeFazio. “I’m taking on all leadership,” Schrader added. “I get hooted down when I bring things up. The other thing is people are scared about being re-elected. If people in my district say they want someone new, I’m fine with that. Heck, I could probably do something that pays a lot more.” To read the...

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