To the Editor:

The abortion issue is one of the most polarizing of today. It seems no one wants to try for a common ground.

If someone wants to write a letter like Ms. Lois Anderson (Keizertimes, April 19) they need to check their facts rather than make off-the-cuff remarks such as she did.

I know it might be hard for a person of our age group (old fossils) but you need to go online and wade through to get your facts right. It’s even hard to do on the Internet, but if a 96-year old woman I know is able to, so should we all.

You need to look at facts, not one-sided opinions from either side.

When you don’t, like my late mother would say, “They’re as ignorant as Patty’s pig.”

Ms. Anderson wrote that Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider and it rakes in millions of dollars to do them. Both are half truths, they do one quarter of the abortions in this country and the thing I think she has no idea about is they are a non-profit, they make no  profit off abortions.

The other part of this is it is only 3 percent of the services they provide which would make one think they don’t do that many abortions. Why they are the largest is they have been around the longest. They have been teaching sex education long before ‘The Pill’  came along and before abortion became legal in this country.

Before making a judgement just on the basis of only one service they provide is not right, check out the course they teach, I’m sure you will learn something you didn’t know.

Peter DeBeck