EDITOR’S NOTE: On Friday, April 19, the McNary High School Aware Club hosted a sex trafficking awareness event dubbed “Not For Sale.” One of the keynote speakers was a woman who had been forced into prostitution; we are withholding her full name to protect her privacy. The following account includes many graphic elements.


Of the Keizertimes

By her own account, and that of her father, S was the model teenager.

By age 15, she was taking college courses at Clackamas Community College. She also defied the odds when it came to her induction into sexual exploitation. The average age for girls to be pulled into the sex trafficking world is 12.

“If you asked her to do something she did it or was there on time, no questions asked,” said J, her father and a former police officer. “She made one mistake and it led to all the rest.”

Hanging around older students at the college was what led S to post an profile on an online dating site when she was eight months shy of 18 years old. She wasn’t interested in someone with less maturity than her.

“I got a response from a guy named Anthony and we talked online for about a month,” said S. “Then we started texting and calling and we set up time to meet in public.”

Trying to avoid the many possible ways such a connection might go wrong, S chose to meet in a mall, but her date kept her waiting for an hour and 45 minutes. All the while, he was sending her texts letting her know he was coming.

S was at her car getting ready to pull away when she got the last message from Anthony letting her know that he had arrived. What she didn’t know at the time was Anthony had been there all along, watching her.

The couple dated for two or three weeks before Anthony invited S over to his apartment to watch a movie. S was about to leave so she would be ready for school the next day when Anthony suggested staying for another flick. He offered her a caffeine pill to get her through.

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