To the Editor:

I really enjoy Keizer Rapids Park and frequently go there.   What does surprise me is apparently no one took the time to do a study of the river’s currents before installing the boat ramp.

If one takes the time to walk down the boat dock (or just the river) you will notice the river flows  the opposite direction (upriver) in that location due to the back eddies making docking a boat of any size almost an impossible task even by the most experienced operators.

It also traps river debris, trees, flotsam etc.   It’s too bad no one, including the Army Corps of Engineers, Oregon Parks and Recreation, Keizer Parks, the contactors, or any of the other many regulatory boards that had to sign off and/or were involved with this boat ramp didn’t raise this concern.

Another novel idea would have been to just ask our local Keizer citizens who use the river and ask their opinion to realize the pilings were going to be placed on the wrong side of the boat ramp.

(Expensive) lessons learned I guess.

Dave Lapof