To the Editor:

Was anyone else struck by the irony of the headline on a letter last week? (Keizertimes, April 12)  “Respect everyone” was the headline; however the letter was anything but respectful.  Respecting someone requires listening and understanding. Webster’s defines respect as “an act of giving particular attention: consideration” or” high or special regard; esteem” This was not demonstrated in Mr. Gene McIntyre’s letter.

Mr. McIntyre states, “Not having interviewed the candidate I can only guess at her motivation.”  He then proceeds to imagine her motivations behind Mrs. Strawn’s clearly stated concern over Planned Parenthood’s activities in two Salem-Keizer High Schools.  His descriptions of her imaginary motivations were filled with disdain and offensive slurs.

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider.  They rake in millions of dollars doing abortions—something more than half of Americans think is wrong.  She is right to be concerned about the influence of this giant corporation on our school kids.  I believe that just as it would be inappropriate to welcome a cigarette company or a soda distributor to teach a unit in health class, it is inappropriate for the district to permit Planned Parenthood to do so.

A concerned citizen who cares about this issue among others has put her name on the ballot, stepped forward to run and if elected serve on the school board.  In my book—agree or disagree—that deserves respect.

Lois Anderson