Day: April 19, 2013

What’s that about respect?

To the Editor: Was anyone else struck by the irony of the headline on a letter last week? (Keizertimes, April 12)  “Respect everyone” was the headline; however the letter was anything but respectful.  Respecting someone requires listening and understanding. Webster’s defines respect as “an act of giving particular attention: consideration” or” high or special regard; esteem” This was not demonstrated in Mr. Gene McIntyre’s letter. Mr. McIntyre states, “Not having interviewed the candidate I can only guess at her motivation.”  He then proceeds to imagine her motivations behind Mrs. Strawn’s clearly stated concern over Planned Parenthood’s activities in two Salem-Keizer High Schools.  His descriptions of her imaginary motivations were filled with disdain and offensive slurs. Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider.  They rake in millions of dollars doing abortions—something more than half of Americans think is wrong.  She is right to be concerned about the influence of this giant corporation on our school kids.  I believe that just as it would be inappropriate to welcome a cigarette company or a soda distributor to teach a unit in health class, it is inappropriate for the district to permit Planned Parenthood to do so. A concerned citizen who cares about this issue among others has put her name on the ballot, stepped forward to run and if elected serve on the school board.  In my book—agree or disagree—that deserves...

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Marathon bombing hits home

By SUSAN ESTRICH I’m from Boston. Over the years, I lived in two apartments within a stone’s throw of Monday’s bombings. Over the years, I stood and cheered marathon runners countless times. I know every square inch of the area in all the pictures, which is hardly unusual. It’s the center of Boston. My nephew was around the corner when the explosions went off. This week’s terror hit home for me. And what to do? That is always the question. Do you stop going to sporting events? Cultural events? Outdoor rallies? I was raped around the corner from where the bombs hit. I did not stop going out, didn’t quit my job working nights as a bartender. (I was raped during the day, anyway.) I was determined not to let the crazies run my life. I was younger then. An even harder question: What do we want the government to do? How much of our liberty and privacy are we willing to give up in the hopes that it might stop terror? My answer to that now is also different from what it would have been in the days when I lived around the corner from the bombings. Maybe it’s because I’m older. Maybe it’s because I’m a mother. Or maybe, probably mostly, it’s because of the horrors we have seen. The two planes that crashed into the World...

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TV show set in the ‘60s but far beyond

By GENE H. McINTYRE My eye teeth were cut on TV dramas in the early 1960s.  Most memorable to me—as a young whippersnapper back in those days—were 77 Sunset Strip, Route 66, and The Naked City.  They presented Hollywood versions of life among the in-crowd in Southern California, on-the-road along U.S 66 (all the way to my hometown of Astoria, Oregon in one episode) and detective work in “a city of 8 million people.” The formula for each episode was so scripted it meant that the viewer could absolutely predict that the heroes in each installment would come out unscathed, live to see another episode, and gain evermore fame and fortune for their television work.  Whatever the case, it was nothing more in each presentation than a fantasy trip and one that captured popular attention back in those yesteryears. Now, then, there has been many a weekly fantasy trip to keep the spirit up through the drudgery of life at the typical 40-hour job.  They have usually “hooked” many among us, being entertaining enough to keep us coming back again and again until, as they all have done so, sooner or later, becoming deposits in the TV archives.  Of late, the BBC have contributed Downton Abbey and Top of the Lake, to name but two among an ever-expanding set of serialized sequentials. Considering a currently all-the-rave show, Mad Men,...

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