To the Editor:

When we hear about the conflicts between River Road businesses and Keizer Station, maybe the differences should be celebrated. After all, are they simply competing against each other, or are they mutually reinforcing the same general outcome?

Businesses on River Road are geared towards various goods and services, that apart from normal competition have the same capacity for attracting the public as those out by the freeway. The two locations are vastly different but this does not mean that one will substitute the other.

The success of River Road depends on the economy just like Keizer Station. If the general business of Keizer is strong then it will be because of the collective input of a healthy economy both inside and outside of Keizer itself—which is the only thing that really matters. Jobs are important, but so is increasing the tax revenue which lessens the burdens of business by expanding the tax base and adding incentive for growth.

In this manner, Keizer Station development will incentivize River Road by freeing up more money and less taxes in the process which should increase spending, or at least minimize the increase in across the board taxes while also stabilizing spending and growth. We are a residential community, which forms the main basis of the broader economics of Keizer.

The city’s role is to allow the tax base to settle while minimizing spending and growth—reinvesting in a steady minimum of services while waiting for both residents and the business community to reinvigorate (energize) their desire for growth by increasing their input and output.

The city needs to not be in a hurry to spend, but should follow behind reinvestment within Keizer itself.

If we take measures to expand then our local government needs to wait until businesses in Keizer see the benefits of a broader tax base and reinvest themselves in the future, by repositioning themselves to adjust to the incentives that are created in the process, creating more of an incentive to reinvest in Keizer instead of getting out while the getting is good.

Business in Keizer, while good for competition, is also mutually reinforcing. River Road and Keizer Station go hand-in-hand.

Matt Chappell