Of the Keizertimes

The wording of a proposed ordinance reaffirming fees charged by the Keizer Fire District (KFD) received an impassioned rebuke from former fire chief and current board director Greg Frank Tuesday, March 19.

The board was considering an ordinance that grants Keizer Fire the right to bill out-of-district entities for services rendered by KFD.

“The ordinance is intended for large events on the transportation corridor like a Shell tanker truck spilling gas onto Chemawa Road,” said Jeff Cowan, current Keizer fire chief.

Frank said he understood the intent, but took issue with the wording of the ordinance, which states, “If the incident involved a public safety incident, the Incident Commander shall determine if the service recipient is a District taxpayer. If so, no bill shall be sent; if not, then a bill shall be sent for services rendered.”

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