To the Editor:

In the last few weeks, the Oregon Department of Administrative Services authorized Veterans Parking Spaces and began to participate in the program. The goal of the Veterans Parking Program is to establish veterans parking spaces at all commercial, private and public agency parking areas. Veterans license plates are not required but are encouraged because they help support veterans homes in The Dalles and in Lebanon.

Three new veterans parking spaces have been installed at the Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs, with one dedicated to recently retired director Jim Willis. Three other spaces have been installed at the state motor pool, state surplus building and at the State Publishing and Distribution Building. The Oregon State Lottery also installed one space recently.

Capitol Auto Group, off the Salem Parkway, has installed three veterans parking spaces—one each at the Toyota, Cadillac and Subaru dealerships. Thanks to Mr. Scott Casebeer for their support.

As chairman of Veterans Parking Inc., I have been in discussions with the legislative administrator at the state Capitol building with plans to have veterans parking there as well. Veterans License Plates are available to veterans at the DMV office for a minimal fee. Visit the website for more information:

John P. Rizzo