To the Editor:

To the parents of the McNary High School graduating classes of 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and our community:

We need your help. The parents on the McNary Grad Party Committee would like to wrap up our fund raising efforts to provide a drug and alcohol-free graduation party for our seniors. We have been busy raising money all school year.

We are working with Egan Gardens again this year selling geraniums and gift cards. This fundraiser lines up with Mother’s Day and the planting of your own spring flower garden. We are collecting orders for individual geranium plants ($5), geranium hanging baskets ($28), or $20 Egan Gardens gift cards. There is a choice of colors and the price range suits any budget.

Many community members eagerly await this fundraiser. Flowers from Egan Gardens are very durable and can last all year long. Orders will be delivered on Saturday, May 4.

To place your order, please contact Melinda Parker ( 503-990-6081 or Amy Donaldson ( 503-393-7204.

Amy Donaldson