To the Editor:

Keizer resident Steve Prothero was recently elected to the Willamette University Athletic Hall of Fame for his activities as long time coach of the women’s and men’s golf teams. He taught mathematics at Willamette University for 46 years, retiring in 2009.

As one of many activities after retirement, he offered his services as a volunteer to Keizer Community Library. His knowledge and skills in the field of technology were immediately put to use in connection with planned conversion to electronic inventory and circulation control and to providing opportunity for public Internet use.  He assumed the duties of Library Director in May 2011 and led the library’s expansion into larger quarters.

Prothero, who had for some time been battling terminal cancer, was forced to give up the position of  Library Director less than a year later.  He passed away on Friday, March 1.

Steve Prothero will be long remembered for his energy and enthusiasm as well as his final contribution of six new computers to the library.

Art Burr