To the Editor:

Covanta Marion, the owner/operator of your local energy-from-waste facility, is celebrating the fifth anniversary of our Clean World Initiative—a program developed to bring sustainability to every facet of our company’s business, including facility operations, research and development, the advancement of solid waste management and community partnerships and programs.

Covanta Marion has maintained world-class reliability, with one of the highest boiler availability rates in the power-generating industry while also reducing emissions.  When aggregating “all” emissions, Covanta Energy-from-Waste facilities perform 65 percent below the Environmental Protection Agency’s requirements.

Covanta’s long history of community engagement is far-reaching and an integral part of our Clean World Initiative.  In 2012 we gave 28 tours, collected 95 pounds of batteries for recycling, safely destroyed 8.72 tons of unwanted medications and helped clean up our oceans by destroying 17.67 tons of derelict fishing gear.

We encourage the residents of Marion County to join us in our commitment to sustainability by reducing, reusing and recycling.  To learn more about the Clean World Initiative and Covanta’s efforts to improve environmental, health and safety performance, please visit,

Karen Breckenridge

The writer is the business manager for Covanta Marion.