Keizer Police Chief H. Marc Adams has said he will retire at the end of this year. When he leaves office in Decmeber it will be the end of a good era at the police department.

Adams became Keizer’s top cop in 1997 after serving the same role in Coos Bay for five years. He had a tough act to follow—Charles Stull, who was fired by the city council.

With his disarming Texas accent and genial manner Adams set about putting his own imprint on the police department. He quickly garned good marks from city leaders and staff, the community, and from the men and women who served under him.

Chief Adams brought with him an extensive education and a lengthy resume.  And a firm belief in community policing; he even taught other police departments how to make the change to that model.

In 1997 when he was being considered for the Keizer post, leaders and residents in Coos Bay said two of Adams’ most positive  traits were his honesty and integrity—things sorely needed at the time at the chief’s desk.

Adams’ tenure in Keizer reflected all that been heard about him before he was hired by the city council in November 1997. He has been popular with the community he serves, and by the men and women who serve him.

Constrained in recent years by tight budgets that have seen the police operate with less-than-optimal manpower, Marc Adams has led the department using his resources to their best possible uses under the circumstances. He has assured that patrols quickly appear at serious crime scenes.

Chief Marc Adams brought a warm, homespun style to the Keizer Police Department.  He also brought an intelligence and knowledge that would be at home on the largest police force. But it couldn’t be any other way: there are many police officers in his family.

By announcing his retirement now he gives the city time to look for a successor. There will most likely be a citizens advisory committee, public input and interviews. Keizer will be able to find a worthy replacement within 10 months. And then the Adams Era will, unfortunately, come to an end. After 34 years in law enforcement Harlin Marc Adams has deserved the opportunity to enjoy whatever is next in his life.