Day: February 1, 2013

Coal terminal projects

To the Editor: Everybody in the Northwest should be interested in the proposed coal terminal projects.  At Port Westward, for example, Kinder Morgan will construct a $150 million terminal facility.  In order to ship the coal from Wyoming, the project will require that the rail lines be modernized to accommodate the weight and speed of traveling cargo.  As we continue to weigh these projects, there is one recurring thought that comes to mind: jobs, jobs, jobs. Oregon’s construction industry has struggled more than any other during the Great Recession.  With unemployment rate well above the national and state averages, opportunities as alluring as these don’t come around too often.  For those concerned about the environment. Oregon’s development regulations are one of the strictest in the nation. If these projects have any major mishaps, our state agencies will discontinue their operation. Let’s give the middle class a chance. Build terminals now. Kenneth Morgan...

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Gun restrictions, not gun controls

By GENE H. MCINTYRE Many older folks will remember the playground ditty of our youth, the one that read, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.” Names may or may not hurt but the words we use in our daily discourse most certainly can and do. I thought of the “sticks and stones” expression the other day while listening once again to a debate on what’s currently called gun control. Maybe calling gun control by some other name just might make progress towards bringing people together to turn the heat down, making America safer and more sane. So, how about trying a re-name to “gun restrictions?”  Why? Because the intent as recognized by many Americans is to restrict the purchase of military-style assault weapons, magazines that exceed practical use limits, and to require thorough background checks wherever a gun is purchased. Meanwhile, it is not now nor has it ever been intended to take away hunting rifles and all handguns in an attempt to expunge the Constitution of its Bill of Rights, Amendment 2. What many Americans want is that guns designed to take lives or kill people be made unavailable. Call me naïve if that makes the reader here happy; nevertheless, this measure would seem to be in the best interest of every law-abiding citizen in the country. Some among us say...

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City needs to focus on River Road

By EAMON BISHOP The Keizertimes is a strong proponent of our city, much as Mayor Lore Christopher has a reputation for being a promoter of Keizer as well. The publisher must surely know of the perception held by many citizens that the Keizertimes is, in general, prejudiced in favor of our mayor and her political friends. That perception might be correct or it could be most inaccurate, but regardless of the truth, what of it? A privately owned publication, its editor and its staff have every right to their political and cultural leanings. That is why some people read the New York Times while others read the New York Post. I certainly never read the Register-Guard while growing up in Eugene unless I needed to have my blood pressure elevated. Nobody could ever say that the Keizertimes doesn’t kindle passionate discussion on local matters. What I do find to be an unfortunate attitude presented in the Keizertimes, in the actions and statements of our mayor, and certainly from some of our past and present city councilors is the ineffective approach to “promoting” and revitalizing the River Road shopping district. I have no experience in marketing, but even I can point out flaws in what city councilors and city leaders see as reasons to pat themselves on the back. As noted in your editorial, “Wave the Keizer banner,” River Road...

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