Day: January 16, 2013

Language isn’t the challenge it once was for Rotary exchange student

  By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes Before arriving on American shores as a Rotary Club exchange student, Pepita Schmidt-Rave had studied English for the better part of seven years in Landau, Germany. It still didn’t quite prepare her. “The first day I was here everything was really confusing, I had everyone asking me questions in English, but we had spent the most of the time writing it in school. Hearing it spoken was something else,” Schmidt-Rave said. Schmidt-Rave is spending the academic year in Keizer as part of Rotary’s annual Youth Exchange program. She’s one of about 40 in the northwest Oregon and southwest Washington region. She’s met many of them, and if you see her around town in her Rotary blazer, the pins on it are ones she’s exchanged with fellow travelers. Schmidt-Rave was inspired to take part in an exchange program after her sister spent six months in New Zealand. Then her family sponsored an exchange student of their own and it sealed the deal. “It was getting to take her all the different places that we knew in Germany that got me interested in doing it myself,” Schmidt-Rave said. Since her arrival, Schmidt-Rave has visited the Oregon Coast for wakeboarding, Portland a few times and even gotten to attend a Blazer game, but she’s been most excited to try the things she doesn’t have...

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New art association president sets sights on getting organized

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes When Elaine Sartin started her job as president of the Lakewood Artists Guild in California, the group had 80 members. When she called it quits, four years later, the group had 250 members and growing. She’s hoping to bring a little of that magic to her new role as president of the Keizer Art Association. “A big part of it is getting organized. For such a long period of time, everyone has been doing what’s necessary to keep the art association going and they burned out. We’ve got to find a way to change that,” Sartin said. “I’ve got to get people to understand they have a specific job and they they will have help when they need it.” For most artists, the word “plan” is as bad as any other four-letter word in the English language, but Sartin hopes to make it less offensive to their sensibilities as she seeks to grow the ranks of the organization. “What we need most is a stable source of income and that comes from membership in KAA,” she said. It also doesn’t hurt when non-members stroll through the gallery at the Keizer Heritage Center and purchase a piece of art. First on her list of to-do’s is finding new ways for the art association for feel more homey to all involved. “My thing is...

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