To the Editor:

Is anyone else confused? Exactly what criteria are members of the Volunteer Coordinating Committee, or City Council or any other official Keizer entity that makes appointments, using?

Given the recent recommendations for the Parks Advisory group, the VCC members certainly were not looking at resumes for actual “qualifications,” such as an actual degree in recreation management.

If they are using a “y’all come,” no experience required approach, they are definitely ensuring a deep pool of candidates. If they are looking for people who have related talents and experience, the VCC at least got one appointment with connections to Keizer Little League. Other than that, they got a former city councilor who wanted to leave that body for “more time with the family.” He’s apparently now filling some of that time with service on the Parks Advisory group and another city committee. Good for him. But I ask again, exactly what are we to assume regarding the application for any committee? Should we just assume we are qualified because we are interested? Or should we assume we need connections to someone who is interested in having us serve? Just wondering.

Carolyn Homan