As we put another year behind us I find myself reflecting on my eight years as a member of the Keizer City Council.  I moved to Keizer in 1990 and consider myself very fortunate to live here.  Although my wife and I both work in Salem, our family enjoys the amenities of Keizer and the many wonderful activities located so close to our home.

It has been both an honor and pleasure to represent the citizens of Keizer the last eight years.   I served on your city council with no agenda.  My goal was to simply provide reasonable, common sense direction for our city.  At times it was difficult.  But it was always a pleasure to serve.

The Keizer City Council has made an effort to improve its communication with taxpayers. However, a recent event tells me there is still room for improvement.  A recent city meeting had dozens of citizens attend.  Those holding the meeting were left wondering why so many people were in attendance and who was behind the turmoil.  A curious response considering we constantly encourage people to get involved in their local government.

I have made many new friends during the last eight years.  That has been one of the most rewarding benefits of my service.  Sometimes we agreed on issues.  Other times we had differing opinions.  I always appreciated the conversations, points of view, and many times the support.

I wish the next council the best of luck.  I hope they continue to seek improvements in their ability to have a more transparent relationship with the folks who pay the bills in Keizer.  Listen with an open mind!  One of the most important lessons I learned during my service was to not make up my mind until all input had been received.  I also hope my elected officials lead by example.  We entrust our community to you.  Be responsible and reasonable.  And treat people the way you would want to be treated.

I will close with a wonderful quote from President Ronald Reagan.  “They say the world has become too complex for simple answers. They are wrong.”

(David McKane is ending his second term on the Keizer City Council on Monday, Jan. 7)