Day: January 1, 2013

Artists rewarded

These talented children took home the top prizes in their age bracket for the Keizertimes coloring contest featured on the cover of the 2013 Holiday Gift & Event Guide. The contest received more than 140 entrants and nearly covered all the windows at the Keizertimes...

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B-ball team makes Christmas brighter for local family

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes When on the court, the boys of the McNary High School varsity basketball team look to coaches for guidance. At the Keizer Station Target last Friday afternoon, it was another adult offering much-needed guidance. For the second year, the Celts were shopping for a local family in need. This year they had $35 per person to spend on a family with a single mom and six children. The team got trapped in a bad zone while trying to figure how sizes work for young girls clothing. “We’re so bad at this,” Connor Goff said with a grimace. “You can tell we don’t have little sisters.” But help was on the way. A mom doing shopping for her daughter took mercy on the boys and helped not only decipher requested sizes, but also suggested what styles would be best. “That helped out a lot,” a relieved Goff said. Senior Nick McDonald led the group, which successfully broken into teams and got all the requested items in about half an hour. The team delivered items to the family in Salem the next afternoon. “We did pretty good,” McDonald said. “We’re not all shoppers, but we made a family happy.” Goff noted most of the players were doing the shopping for a second time, which helped move the process along. “Last year it took a lot...

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