Day: December 26, 2012

Smith looking to the future

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes Last summer, Brandon Smith made the decision to not run again for Keizer City Council. Come next month, Smith will indeed no longer be on the council, as Ken LeDuc takes over the seat. “It’s bittersweet,” Smith said of leaving the council. “I enjoy what I do. I made a decision not to run. I don’t regret that. But I will miss it. There are things I worry about with the future. I want to be involved to help steer the path, to be a part of that.” For Smith, that means waiting to be confirmed as part of the Parks Board starting next month. Down the road, that could include running for council once again. “I think that’s something I could always do again someday,” Smith said. “I am 41, the youngest on the council. It’s something I would consider. I would have to look at the circumstances with family and work at that time.” Smith is wanting to still have his voice be heard. In addition to the Parks Board, he would like to be part of the Planning Commission. “When I decided not to run, I knew I still wanted to be involved,” Smith said. “I would also be interested in starting a new neighborhood association. It’s important to be involved.” Smith became involved with the council in the fall...

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Family brings bowling lanes into kitchen

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes Of late, Jim and Amy Trussell’s home has become a house of ideas. It starts the moment anyone steps into their kitchen and spots the new countertops, which were once lanes at Town & Country Lanes. “You don’t know how many ideas we’ve had and have been suggested,” Jim Trussell said. Here are a few: • Wallpaper borders featuring bowling pins and shoes. • Bowling pins and shoes on the counter as a centerpiece. • A hollowed out bowling ball doubling as a vase. To be fair, walking into the room, the first thing a visitor spots are the wooden insets on the kitchen island marking the spots where the pins would sit on an actual bowling lane. Across the way, right in front of the sink is the foul line. The gutter, as it were, is the space between the island and the wall counter and no one is going to be rolling a 300 game during dinner. The beauty of the project is in the details like lining up the pins and foul line and then taking it one step further to match up the lines of the maple lane with the ones across the way. Trussell and some friends did all the work to convert the lanes to usable countertops at the home and the project was anything but...

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