Day: December 24, 2012

“Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm” by Philip Pullman

“Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm” by Philip Pullman c.2012, Viking $27.95 / $29.50Canada 406 pages   BOOK REVIEW by TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER Happily Ever After. Once upon a time, those were magic words to you. They tied up a bedtime story neat enough to lull you to sleep. They put a nice, sweet bow on a story that let you know everything was all right in Make-Believe World. Those three words, well, you’d love to share them with your own kids, especially since this is the bicentennial year for Grimm’s Fairy Tales. But as you’ll see in “Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm” by Philip Pullman, you might want to do some editing before you do. Long ago, two “diligent and serious-minded” brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, were on a path to become lawyers like their father. But when the elder Grimm died in 1796, the family had to depend on support from maternal relatives and the boys were sent to University. There, they decided to collect and publish fairy tales, which had become a “widespread preoccupation of the time.” The first version of their collection was published in 1812 and by 1857, it was “immensely popular.” The collection had also grown bigger and, as does any good folk tale, it changed to reflect the times, piety, and the culture of its readers. “The fairy tale is in a...

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Hopes for Henry

By LYNDON A. ZAITZ Of the Keizertimes It was devastating when Trish Leavitt found out her pet poodle, Riley, had been killed by a coyote. Riley, a little poodle, was her friend and her companion. Her mother, Judy Leavitt, had to tell her daughter the terrible news. Trish had moved into River Road Assisted Living just three days earlier and, according to her mother, was not happy. On top of that she had to bear the news of her dog’s demise. Judy Leavitt contacted Hopes Haven, a dog rescue and adoption organization, pleading for a dog for her daughter. On Saturday, Dec. 15, Trish was presented with Patrick Henry, a Dachsund-Yorkie mix, by representatives from Hopes Haven. River Road Assisted Living staff, residents and media crowded the social room at the residence at the corner of Bever Dr. The plan to present Trish with her new dog had been in the works for more than a week. It was a success—she was surprised and Henry had a new home. Her new dog cuddled up to Trish immediately, stopped shaking and settled in. “When I go back to my room I’m going to break down and cry,” said Trish about her good fortune. Trish previously had small dogs. Her new dog, who answers to the name Henry, is about twice the size of Riley. Henry, a stray who had been...

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