To the Editor:

Gift cards to our Oregon National Guard families are much appreciated during the holiday season. Many families of deployed soldiers have financial difficulties and especially during this expensive time of year.

The gift cards, distributed by programs under the direction of General Mike Caldwell, offer some relief and demonstrate our appreciation of the efforts of our solders.

Deployed National Guard soliders often leave families behind who are making great financial sacrifices. Citizens of Oregon can help provide relief at this time of year by sending gift cards to the Oregon National Guard. Purchase a gift card of any amount for groceries, toys, or fuel. Send the gift cards to Gen. Caldwell who will distribute them to the neediest Oregon National Guard families all around the state. It’s a great way to let our soldiers and their families know that we appreciate them.

Send gift cards to:

General Mike Caldwell
Oregon Natural Guard
P.O. Box 14350
Salem, OR 97309

Becky Cartier
Lake Oswego