Day: November 27, 2012

Man crashes vehicle, attempts getaway, ends up cuffed

A Keizer man was arrested last Saturday night after hitting a parked car, a telephone pole and a utility box. For good measure Byron E Reed, 38, also drove through two yards and struck his head on a curb while attempting to run from Keizer Police Department officers. Officers responded to a report of Reed’s 1985 Mercedes Benz 190 driving through two yards and hitting a parked Toyota Corolla on the 1600 block of Chelan Street N.E. Shortly before 10 p.m. on Nov. 17. Reed stumbled out of his vehicle, fell and struck his head on a curb. He attempted to run from officer Arsen Avetisyan but was quickly caught and taken into custody without incident. Reed was charged with DUII, hit-and-run property damage, criminal mischief and driving while suspended. He was lodged in the Marion County Correctional Facility on $25,000 bail. A combination of wet conditions, speed and impairment led Reed to be unable to make the turn at Verda and Chelan. The Mercedes turned sideways and went into a yard. Police found pieces of the car’s trim molding next to a damaged utility box on the 4700 block of Verda Lane Northeast. More than $1,000 in damage was done to both a telephone pole and utility box at that location. The impact damaged the driver’s side of the Mercedes. While officers were responding to the accident, another...

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For the love of toffee

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes As college students, Erica Simon and Matt Faatz started making toffee 22 years ago as a cheaper alternative to exchanging gifts. Back then, the list of people they were making toffee for was limited to nine friends and family. By Christmas 2011, the list had grown to 200 and they were up to their elbows in the best sugar, butter, almonds and chocolate they could find. “We just never had the heart to take anyone off the list,” Simon said. The couple had friends and colleagues urging them to start producing even larger quantities for sale, but it wasn’t until earlier this year they started making that turn. Still, it was difficult. “Making it for friends and family was one thing, back when it was fun and relaxing,” said Faatz, his eyes growing wider at the thought. “When you produce it for selling to somebody you have to meet a self-set exacting standard. When customers taste that product, you’re telling them that this is your best product and we have to do our best. The bags of toffee are like little ambassadors.” The five flavors they produce-milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, coffee bean, and coconut–are available locally at Jones Farm Produce, Kiki B’s O’hana Salon, and Cosmos Deja Vu in Salem, and through their website, The recipe they use for...

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