Day: November 23, 2012

Shop big, then shop small

Few, if any, of Keizer’s small locally-owned retailers were open in the wee hours of Black Friday.  Blockbuster discounts are the provenance of the national big box stores. People camp out for days to be first in line to buy the latest gizmo. Keizer’s retailers play just as big a part in holiday shopping, though consumers were not camped out waiting for the doors to open. Christmas and holiday shopping has come to mean hitting sales and more sales, some now starting as early as Thanksgiving Day (we feel for those employees who’d rather be home with their famiy and friends). In Keizer holiday shopping is about selection and service. There are many unique gift items that are offered by small shops in town. A major credit card company started a campaign several years ago that encourages consumers to shop America’s small businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It’s a great idea. By supplementing their trips to big box stores with visits to local Keizer retailers, shoppers will be met with good service and gift ideas to rival those of anywhere else....

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Silver linings

To the Editor: I was recently involved in an automobile accident on River Road and was again reminded why I prefer living in Keizer, a small city with a heart. Almost immediately several people were on the scene to help, directing traffic, helping me get my car into an adjacent parking lot, calming and reassuring me and the party in the second car, and calling the police. The policeman was there promptly and was very courteous and helpful. He assisted me in getting my car to a nearby collision repair shop. The staff at the shop were extremely helpful, understanding that I was still in shock. A staff member drove me home and even carried my groceries into my apartment. Thank you Keizer! Gwen Lyman...

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A poem

To the Editor: To our neighbors on Romney Lane, Bless your hearts, we feel your pain We’ve also been beyond dejected (When Bush the Lesser was selected) By his daddy’s buddies on the court, then won a second term That hurt but though we did some private pouting, We did not engage in drive-by shouting, Or flip the bird from our car That’s not the kind of folks we are So here’s the deal, dear grumpy neighbors— Obama won despite Rove’s labors Barack’s the prez – not tycoon Mitt Your guy lost huge – get over it! Martin Doerfler...

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Our young people are thankful

Class Dismissed By  Susanne Stefani My job is frequently misunderstood: many think that teachers do the talking and the students the listening. While there are certainly days where I must stand up front and deliver information or instruction, that’s not ideal. The best days in class are those in which I can listen. I hear misunderstandings and complicated questions, anecdotes spurred by the lesson, sarcasm and encouragement, and criticisms more insightful than any I could have conceived myself. So in the spirit of thanksgiving, I’d like to give thanks for the best part of my job and hand this column over to them. My students have been posting their gratitudes on the class blog. Below are 20 excerpts of thanks, in no particular order, from 20 teens. No matter what we may critically observe about youths’ sense of entitlement, when given the opportunity, their appreciation for others and for the opportunities given them is humbling. May reading these remind you of your own blessings this season— I have been blessed with a good home. I do not have to worry about what is going to happen to it or where I have to sleep [at] night. I am grateful that I have a place that I call home. ——————— I am thankful for the time I have left with my grandfather, and the time I have been able to...

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Confessions of a non-foodie

By DEBRA J. SAUNDERS I am the opposite of a foodie. My favorite green vegetable is the pea — fresh or frozen. My second favorite is celery. I like iceberg lettuce. At restaurants, I have been known to look longingly at the children’s menu. When President George H. W. Bush admitted he did not like broccoli, I felt as one with him. When the Reagan administration declared ketchup to be a vegetable, I knew it was true. I don’t eat ketchup. I am not proud of my eating habits. In high school, my black studies class went to an African restaurant. As our teacher noted for the rest of the year, when they put the food on the table and the foreign smells hit my nose, my face turned green.You can’t make yourself like what your body wants to reject. I love to travel and hate to eat most foods that fall outside three basic food groups—pizza, pasta and potatoes. On my first trip to Paris, I thought I’d be fine. I speak French. Boeuf, jambon, poulet (beef, ham, chicken). Then I discovered a restaurant that was serving cochon (pig) actually was serving pig snout. My husband, Wesley, loves to joke about our first night in Paris. We ate Italian. Oslo, first night: Italian. Sydney, first night: Italian. The United Kingdom? I don’t go for canned peas. The old...

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