Day: November 23, 2012

Shop big, then shop small

Few, if any, of Keizer’s small locally-owned retailers were open in the wee hours of Black Friday.  Blockbuster discounts are the provenance of the national big box stores. People camp out for days to be first in line to buy the...

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Silver linings

To the Editor: I was recently involved in an automobile accident on River Road and was again reminded why I prefer living in Keizer, a small city with a heart. Almost immediately several people were on the scene to help,...

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A poem

To the Editor: To our neighbors on Romney Lane, Bless your hearts, we feel your pain We’ve also been beyond dejected (When Bush the Lesser was selected) By his daddy’s buddies on the court, then won a second term That hurt but...

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Our young people are thankful

Class Dismissed By  Susanne Stefani My job is frequently misunderstood: many think that teachers do the talking and the students the listening. While there are certainly days where I must stand up front and deliver information...

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Confessions of a non-foodie

By DEBRA J. SAUNDERS I am the opposite of a foodie. My favorite green vegetable is the pea — fresh or frozen. My second favorite is celery. I like iceberg lettuce. At restaurants, I have been known to look longingly at the...

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