Day: November 23, 2012

Boys set sights on state berth

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes When the McNary High School boys bowling team hits the lanes in competition, the game isn’t as simple as throw a ball, maybe two, then sit down and wait for the next turn. The bowling teams compete baker style, which means each player in the five-person line-up throws one ball. If the first leaves pins standing, it’s up to the second man to clean up what’s left and so on. On one hand, the format pushes the bowlers to excel within limited opportunity. It can also be a recipe for disaster if someone ends up having to shoot 7-10 splits the whole game through. “They feed off each other. When there’s negativity, it brings everybody down. When everybody is striking, it’s like chum in the water,” said Scott Miller, assistant coach to the team. One thing that will help the team this year is a large turnout to fill the ranks. It means they’ll have substitutes standing ready. “We all have another year of experience and were a stronger, more unified, team,” said Garren Stanley. Each of the team’s eight bowlers–Steven Satter, Justin Blivin, Russ Hurtado, Devon Choate, Kyle Robinson, Jonathan Hall, Scott Bridger and Stanley– are also league bowlers, which isn’t always the case. While the team practices in the run up the the season, the focus has been on consistency,...

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Keeping the kids honest

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes The way John Honey sees it, random drug searches at McNary High School are a win for everyone. The third-year principal started what he calls police dog exhibitions last fall. He partners with local law enforcement agencies to bring in police dogs to do searches. Honey emphasized the idea isn’t to find drugs and kick students out of school. Instead, the idea is to keep drugs away from the school setting while giving police dogs real-world searching experience. “You know, 99.9 percent of our kids aren’t doing anything wrong,” Honey said. “They’re all cool with it and their parents are excited because we’re being proactive. Police are happy. It’s all good. It’s a win-win-win.” Honey started the program after getting positive feedback from various community groups, ranging from police to Rotary to parents. His idea was to use the school’s “beautiful” relationship with the Keizer Police Department as a basis. “It’s not so much a drug search as much as it is a training exercise for local law enforcement,” Honey said. “With drug detection animals, one of the things they need is a wide variety of training grounds or exercises. What more fluid environment could you find than a high school? You have 2,000 kids, lots of movement and a zillion places to hide things.” A recent exhibition led to a police dog...

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St. Ed volunteers serve up hot meals on Turkey Day

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes Mike Lulay is the resident gravy master in St. Edward Catholic Church’s mission to make certain everyone had a meal to be thankful for Thanksgiving Day. “There can’t be any lumps,” said Lulay. “It’s dumpling-free and we get all the fat off the broth. We stir the broth in five gallons at a time and 50 gallons later, we’re done.” Each year, volunteers at the church prep and deliver more than 1,000 meals to area residents with a focus on elderly and shut-in individuals, but the goal is higher than simply providing a hot meal. “We want high-quality hot meals that would be close to what you’d get at a restaurant,” said Mike Welter, who coordinates the effort with wife Debi. “We really strive for that quality, getting the turkey as moist as possible and getting the gravy pristine as possible.” The Welters burn one of their vacation weeks every year to make room for the hours the campaign requires. “The biggest challenge is keeping people moving,” Welter said. “When you have people donating their time, you want to make sure it feels like it was used effectively.” One volunteer, Phil Worthington, also takes vacation and travels all the way up from Albany to pitch in throughout the week. During the run-up to Thanksgiving Day, eight to 10 volunteers a day spend...

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Turn attention to other parks

In early November the Keizer Rapids Park boat ramp was officially open for public use. The ramp is the latest of many features constructed at the park, joining the dog park and the Keizer Rotary Amphitheatre. The park is also home to a disc golf course. The visionaries and officials who pushed and worked to make the park a reality are rightfully proud of what they brought forth.  But, can we be done now? Keizer Rapids Park is a regional gem that gets heavy use throughout the week, especially in summer. Though there are still many acres that could be used for some other amenities, we should take a breather on further additions.  After all, the park was not supposed to be an amusement park. Some want to see a recreation center eventually added to the park. That’s a bad idea. Nearby residents are already vocal about noise and congestion connected with park events, imagine the uproar if a rec center and an attendant parking lot were built. The money that would be spent on a multi-use recreation center should be used on some of Keizer’s other 16 parks. The city-owned plot of land that sits on the north side of Volcanoes Stadium would be a good location for a future recreation center. The vision of a rec center is predicated on having the funds to build it. There...

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