Day: November 16, 2012

Thank you, drivers

To the Editor: Thank you to the courteous drivers in Keizer.  Over the past three years I have logged 2,000 miles running and most of those miles have been right here in our fair city.  During that time I have not had even one...

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Development at Keizer Station

To the Editor: I feel that we are at the 11th hour of a development tidal wave, but I wasn’t proactive before, so can’t blame anyone. Now I feel motivated, and here’s why: When I saw the land on the east side of McLeod Lane...

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Tons of waste recycle at Brooks

To the Editor: America Recycles Day, November 15, was developed to celebrate the progress that we’ve made recycling as well as offering an opportunity to raise awareness about the value that recycling brings. Reusing recyclables...

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Erroneous info for Keizer citizens

To the Editor: Taking issue with your editorial regarding Keizer’s mayoral election (Lore Christopher for mayor, Oct. 26, 2012): Your opinion piece starts off interesting with an introduction to Keizer’s first mayoral challenge...

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