Day: November 16, 2012

Thank you, drivers

To the Editor: Thank you to the courteous drivers in Keizer.  Over the past three years I have logged 2,000 miles running and most of those miles have been right here in our fair city.  During that time I have not had even one “close call” crossing streets or with cars coming out of driveways.  The drivers have been careful and attentive.  Thank you and a reminder to fellow Keizerite runners and walkers: with the shorter days and rainy conditions be sure to wear bright clothing and have a light if it’s dark.  Let’s keep Keizer a safe place as we travel the by-ways. Dave Guile...

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Development at Keizer Station

To the Editor: I feel that we are at the 11th hour of a development tidal wave, but I wasn’t proactive before, so can’t blame anyone. Now I feel motivated, and here’s why: When I saw the land on the east side of McLeod Lane adjoining Lockhaven Drive being graded for development I was shocked. That used to have a berm, which I assumed was to block noise to the single family residences in east Gubser. Now I find that Keizer Station is no longer a distinct “station” (something like Bridgeport Village) but a spawling endless chain of commercial/mixed use retail. Likewise, across Lockhaven Drive homes have been vacated to make way for more spawling commercial development—amazing. Give them an inch; they take a mile. I am not a long-time resident here; I only moved in 1998. I’m a teacher and a cyclist. I used to ride from my home on north River Rd. (in Country Glen) through Gubser, over the rail road tracks and thru cornfields.The whole nature of the area is changed. Circuit City was a bad fit, like other failed businesses in the Station. When they are re-occupied, traffic impact will go back up, as they find the right business. What about requiring that 90 percent of commercial space in there stay occupied before allowing more development. But basically, I don’t understand how the original concept grew tentacles. Jim Merrill...

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Tons of waste recycle at Brooks

To the Editor: America Recycles Day, November 15, was developed to celebrate the progress that we’ve made recycling as well as offering an opportunity to raise awareness about the value that recycling brings. Reusing recyclables to make new products conserves energy, reduces emissions and conserves natural resources.  You may be surprised to know that the most recycled material in North America is steel and according to the Steel Recycling Institute, “More steel is recycled annually than paper, plastic, aluminum, glass and copper combined.”  You may be surprised that Covanta Marion, your local energy-from-waste facility, is one of the major contibutors to this recycling effort. Every year, Covanta Marion recycles approximately 5,105 tons of metal items including cans, small appliances, tire rims and other types of scrap metal found in household waste including ferrous metals like iron. We’re proud to be part of the recycling community.  During the last calendar year, Covanta’s Energy-from-Waste facilities recycled over 800 million pounds of ferrous and 30 million pounds of non-ferrous metals; that’s the equivalent weight of five Golden Gate Bridges and one billion aluminum beverage cans. We’ve all got a cause to celebrate, and not just on November 15, but every day. Karen Breckenridge Salem The writer is business manager at the Covanta Energy plant in...

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Erroneous info for Keizer citizens

To the Editor: Taking issue with your editorial regarding Keizer’s mayoral election (Lore Christopher for mayor, Oct. 26, 2012): Your opinion piece starts off interesting with an introduction to Keizer’s first mayoral challenge in 10 years, Mayor Lore Christopher versus Councilor David McKane, stating the race is really between personalities and styles. But voters should make a decision on what is best for the city of Keizer. You pointed out some of the important issues Keizer will be facing in the future. You appear to be delivering a fair message to Keizer citizens about the importance of their vote consideration in our mayoral decision on a level playing field. Now I get that a political editorial may be designed to persuade or direct your readers’ opinion. But hopefully based on accurate information and facts. In my opinion conjecture, and ambiguous double entendres don’t serve the candidates well and confuse the Keizer citizens trying to make an informative decision. You first write mayor Christopher didn’t support a cell phone tax, then you say she did support a cell phone tax. You admit the error and make a weak correction online knowing all the while your printed newspaper went out and couldn’t be corrected. You had the opportunity to correct your error in your printed newspaper November 2 but you did not—knowing this was the last chance before the election. The...

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Licenses shouldn’t trump other issues

To the Editor: This is in response to Kim Thatcher’s recent article in the Keizertimes (Keep good driver’s license standards, Nov. 9), her first communication with Keizer constituents as she begins another term as our representative. I find it disheartening to discover that Ms. Thatcher is choosing to focus her attention on limiting drivers’ licenses for undocumented individuals, rather than communicating her commitment to tackle some of the truly pressing concerns that plague our state. In addition, her article disseminates misinformation and blatantly provokes fear. First, Representative Thatcher states “Why should we open the door for a drug dealer from a foreign country to get a driver’s license in Oregon?” Indeed. In our current system, only drug dealers from the United States are permitted to have driver’s licenses in Oregon. Surely Ms. Thatcher is not suggesting that denying a driver’s license is likely to curtail illegal drug trafficking. Next, Ms. Thatcher suggests that issuing drivers’ licenses would open the doors to other services, such as a “bank account, welfare benefits, you name it.” As a legislator for the state of Oregon, I would expect Ms. Thatcher to be aware that applicants for temporary assistance for needy families (TANF) are required to bring social security numbers or cards and proof of legal status or citizenship for everyone in the household who wants benefits. Similar conditions for documentation are required to...

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