To the Editor:

Taking issue with your editorial regarding Keizer’s mayoral election (Lore Christopher for mayor, Oct. 26, 2012):

Your opinion piece starts off interesting with an introduction to Keizer’s first mayoral challenge in 10 years, Mayor Lore Christopher versus Councilor David McKane, stating the race is really between personalities and styles. But voters should make a decision on what is best for the city of Keizer. You pointed out some of the important issues Keizer will be facing in the future. You appear to be delivering a fair message to Keizer citizens about the importance of their vote consideration in our mayoral decision on a level playing field.

Now I get that a political editorial may be designed to persuade or direct your readers’ opinion. But hopefully based on accurate information and facts. In my opinion conjecture, and ambiguous double entendres don’t serve the candidates well and confuse the Keizer citizens trying to make an informative decision.

You first write mayor Christopher didn’t support a cell phone tax, then you say she did support a cell phone tax. You admit the error and make a weak correction online knowing all the while your printed newspaper went out and couldn’t be corrected. You had the opportunity to correct your error in your printed newspaper November 2 but you did not—knowing this was the last chance before the election.

The cell phone tax was an important issue that angered a lot of Keizer citizens, and became a predominate campaign issue difference. David McKane was against it. But was it a good idea to help pay shortfalls as mayor Christopher wanted?

The attempted annexation of Clear Lake from Marion County Fire District #1 was an embarrassment for many Keizer/Marion County citizens, which you describe as a misguided ploy by the mayor, but one she felt was in the best interest of Keizer. Was this misguided, or a conscious attempt to do as you describe a mayor needs to do in your editorial—be imaginative and creative in solving issues without spending money the city doesn’t have. But was it thoughtful?

You write that David McKane is a quiet politician who is thoughtful, smart and cautious. He always wants to know more and he wants to know why. You might say he listens quietly as he is preparing a thoughtful relevant question to reveal accurate information and facts. Voicing a strong opinion in opposition of a cell phone tax, and trying to quell infighting with our fire departments. Serving well for Keizer citizens.

Mayor Lore Christopher deserves enormous praise for her many years of dedicated service and leadership, she has been an integral part of a great town with much success. And will continue to do so. But as you point out, she didn’t do it alone—no mayor does. Many people help make Keizer a success and they all deserve respect and praise. And that certainly includes every councilor, and many others.

You finish by writing both candidates are qualified to be mayor. After eight years on the council David McKane knows the issues and is deliberate in his thought process. After 12 years as mayor Lore Christopher has the ear of those who can help Keizer.

My favorite line in your editorial; “The next mayor will have to know who to turn to in other government entities to get what she wants for Keizer” Kinda like serving a sandwich with a bite in it, ain’t it?

Mike O’Malley