To the Editor:

I feel that we are at the 11th hour of a development tidal wave, but I wasn’t proactive before, so can’t blame anyone. Now I feel motivated, and here’s why:

When I saw the land on the east side of McLeod Lane adjoining Lockhaven Drive being graded for development I was shocked. That used to have a berm, which I assumed was to block noise to the single family residences in east Gubser. Now I find that Keizer Station is no longer a distinct “station” (something like Bridgeport Village) but a spawling endless chain of commercial/mixed use retail.

Likewise, across Lockhaven Drive homes have been vacated to make way for more spawling commercial development—amazing. Give them an inch; they take a mile.

I am not a long-time resident here; I only moved in 1998. I’m a teacher and a cyclist. I used to ride from my home on north River Rd. (in Country Glen) through Gubser, over the rail road tracks and thru cornfields.The whole nature of the area is changed.

Circuit City was a bad fit, like other failed businesses in the Station. When they are re-occupied, traffic impact will go back up, as they find the right business. What about requiring that 90 percent of commercial space in there stay occupied before allowing more development. But basically, I don’t understand how the original concept grew tentacles.

Jim Merrill