Lore Christopher has won a seventh term as Keizer’s mayor. Facing a spirited challenge from City Councilor David McKane, the mayor prevailed in Tuesday’s election. McKane may have lost the election but his influence will be felt well into the new year.

McKane ran on a platform of respectful leadership for Keizer.  By that he meant that the city council, led by the mayor, should listen to all those who come to speak before them. There is a feeling in some quarters that at times councilor’s minds are made up before an issue gets a public hearing. Some also feel that councilors don’t show the proper respect for citizens that come before them with concerns and views that don’t match those of the council.

Whether one views that as reality or not, the perception needs to be addressed. Residents of Keizer need to feel confident they can go before the council for public testimony or speak at a public hearing and not feel they are being challenged for their opinions.

On election night Mayor Christopher was already talking about creating a task force to address the respect the council shows city residents. Christopher got the message during the campaign. We applaud her for swiftly taking up this issue.

Dave McKane may have lost the election but his influence will be felt for quite a while. We hope that he will get involved with the task force and help achieve some of the goals of his campaign.

Lore Christopher, who has been mayor for almost 12 years, will have two years to achieve some of the goals she said she wants to accomplish, many which revolve around the economic vitality of Keizer, especially development and recruitment living wage jobs for Keizerites.

The voters of Keizer have spoken. They had a clear choice of candidates and decided to stick with the incumbent. If McKane stays involved as a private citizen, mainly with the mayor’s proposed task force and it results in real changes that residents can see, then Keizer will be the winner.