Day: November 9, 2012

I hope I never actually get sick

A Box of Soap By DON VOWELL As president and only member of my fan club, I am obligated to explain my absence from this space.  Sensing that my last few submissions were poorly focused, possibly even rambling, I wondered if a larger challenge would rekindle the creative fire.  So, I’ve been working undercover on an exposé of the health care industry. I began by pretending to have a serious lung disease.  Our family practitioner played along by immediately referring me to a pulmonologist.  I blew through a hose into his computer until I was pink in the face.  Then there was a forced march up and down his lobby and hallway to see how that affected my vitals.  A CT scan was recommended, which his office said they would set up.  That was the first sign of trouble. After hearing nothing about my appointment time, I got impatient and called back to ask how things were progressing.  They weren’t – the appointment had somehow been overlooked.  I can’t remember how my union insurance rep got involved but in order to save some money he made me pledge to have the CT scan done outside the hospital at a stand-alone facility. Several days later I returned to the pulmonologist to learn the results of the CT scan.  No results.  The attempt to send them via computer had failed so...

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The land of Halloween

To the Editor: We survived another Halloween on Parkmeadow Dr. We served 350 this year. Each year we buy a little more candy—start stocking up the end of September. We would have served more, but we ran out. The Fire Department sets up a tent and nicely serves hot cider – which attracts a lot of folks. Traffic is a nightmare—if we needed to go somewhere we would have to park a car on a side street and go out another way. And then, there is the city bus. Cars parked on both sides of the street, a steady stream of cars coming on one side and the bus on the other. The bus driver did a terrific job, navigating through everyone, very safely. Watching all this all you can do is close your eyes and say a prayer—and keep handing out candy! Sandi Walker...

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