Tony Goemaere, Evan Rummerfield, Adrian Fernandez and Dalton Lindsey take off from the starting line in the state cross country meet Saturday, Nov. 3. (Photo courtesy of Bill Donaldson)

The McNary High School boys varsity cross country team trailed the pack at the state cross country meet in Eugene Saturday, Nov. 3. But, after making it to the state meet for the first time in more than 27 years, the team can still call the season a win.

The boys sent seven runners to the meet and senior Tony Goemaere lead the team with a time of 17:58, which got him an 82nd place finish.

Evan Rummerfield and Adrian Fernandez both clocked in a 18:48; Dalton Lindsey crossed the finish line in 19:07; Angel Goemaere finished in 19:28; Taylor Russell stopped the clock at 19:38; and Tristan Briggs finished in 20:23. The boys finished 12th of 12 teams in the meet.

The girls sent two runners to the state meet, Courtney Repp and Laura Donaldson. Repp finished 80th with a time of 21:36 and Donaldson finished in 22:35.