A proposed subdivision would place 30 homes on this long-vacant six-acre parcel. (Photo by Jonathan Boys)

A proposed 30-home subdivision application on McLeod Lane across from Aldine Drive has a hearing date of Nov. 8.

The six-acre plot is the last remnant of the former Beilke farm. Developers Tim Smith and Lee Sjothun are backing the project, but Smith said market demand will determine when houses are actually built.

“I’m not gonna say it’s a good time to build,” he said. “We’ll go through the process and do some marketing before we decide to develop. It may get developed in 2013, it may not be until 2014 or 2015.”

Drawings show an extension of Aldine Drive across McLeod Lane, with the development abutting Whiteaker Middle School. Average lot size is 6,655 square feet, with 5,400 the smallest and 11,127 the largest. The sizes will allow a wide variety of possible house sizes and price ranges, Smith said.

“You can do a number of things with those size lots,” he said.

One factor that made the project attractive, Smith said, is the relative lack of buildable land in Keizer as opposed to Salem.

“You could say we’re crazy, but Lee and I think it’s so nice we wanted to have it,” Smith said. “… It’s just a nice piece of dirt.”