To the Editor:

Political campaigns are often difficult.  They tend to be difficult for individuals and difficult for communities.  The never ending barrage of promises and claims can wear down even the hardiest of souls.

As the Keizer mayoral campaign winds down, I wanted to share a few thoughts and set the record straight regarding some points made in this campaign.  Contrary to what you may have seen in campaign advertising material, I am a long-time Keizer resident.  In fact I have lived at my current address in Keizer for over 20 years.   Prior to my service as a city councilor I was a member of the Keizer Traffic Safety Commission many years ago.  Claims made that our current mayor has been a member of the city council longer than I have lived in Keizer are simply not true.  And contrary to what you might also have seen in campaign material, my desire to be your mayor is not because it is a check mark on my bucket list.  I entered this mayoral race because many in our community encouraged me to so.  After 10 years of no choice, many are eager for a change.

My desire to be your mayor is because I want a more responsive government for my community.  I want a government that does not have to repeatedly repeal ordinances because of public outcry or because we acted in a manner that was determined to be illegal by a court of law.  I want a government that will continually challenge itself to act in a manner that is best for our entire community.

The success of our community does not start or end with our elected officials.  It starts and ends with you.  It is the volunteer coaches, the local businesses, and the people who volunteer at their churches and schools.  Everyone in our community owns a piece of our success.  If all you do is pay your taxes, you are the reason our community succeeds.  As this campaign winds down I will continue to talk about what I think is best for our community.  It has been said that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.  That is why I choose to give our community another choice for mayor.

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve our community the past eight years as a member of our city council.  I have strived to be open-minded and my goal has always been to do what is right for our entire community.

If you have already voted I thank you for your participation in this election.  If you have not voted I urge you to take the time to participate.  Your participation makes our community a better place.

David McKane