To the Editor:

I worked with the mayor and city council for three years as a Budget Committee member and got to see first hand the internal workings and personalities of the city staff, mayor and councilors.  I am supporting Lore Christopher as the best choice as mayor of Keizer.  Lore is a very caring and dedicated lady who has spent countless hours as our current mayor, and has done an outstanding job.  She works hard to serve the needs of all the citizens of Keizer, to listen to their needs, and to make it a beautiful and wholesome place to live.  She spends countless hours at council meetings and city events to support her home town, all of which are in a volunteer capacity without pay.  She cares deeply about the needs of the city and those who live here.

In addition, please write in Brandon Smith to remain as councilor in position #2.  He also has served many hours working hard to keep our city safe, while making it a better place to live.  He is the best choice for council position #2, and I ask you to support Brandon.

Please join me in voting for Lore Christopher as mayor, and Brandon Smith as councilor position #2 as the most respectful, caring, fair, balanced decisions, and best people to guide the city of Keizer.

Sandi King