Since Oregon is not a battleground state in the national election we have been spared a constant barrage of presidential campaign advertising. But by Tuesday night it all comes to an end as America votes.

It seems the presidential campaign has been going on for years. We may not have been subjected to endless campaign advertising here, but it’s filled our homes nonetheless—24/7 news channels, late night talk shows.  You had to really try hard to avoid politics this election season.

Unforuntately, it probably won’t end with Tuesday night’s results. We’ve reached the point of constant campaigning in this coutnry. Regardless of who wins the White House this year, seeds for the 2016 campaign will be planted as early as January.

Politicians of every stripe across the country should give the American people at least a year before talking about the next campaign. We’re all politically exhausted, we’re glad this campagin season is coming to an end.