To the Editor:

I experienced a much-needed reminder today, of how thoughtful and caring people can be. We turn on the evening news, hear 15-20 minutes of all the rape, murder and mayhem taking place daily. It becomes easy to grow callous to all the evil deeds in our world, as long as it doesn’t directly effect us.

Today, I took my usual walk in Keizer. I have followed the same route for years. Working at recovering from surgery, I have the need to stop for a break. Those green electrical covers make good places for a brief respite.

My first rest is at the corner of Rafael and Shoreline. A lady comes jogging up the opposite side of Rafael. She comes to an abrupt stop. “Are you OK? Do you need help?” I explain my situation, and add, “Don’t get old. You’re stuck with it.”

She laughs, “My dad used to tell me, ‘You’ll get old if you live long enough.”  We share a laugh, and she’s gone. All of a sudden, breathing seems to become easier.

My next “rest” is going west on Moneda. For years I never realized this is uphill. The big green cover is a welcome stop.

A lady–a senior citizen–comes out to the sidewalk, “Are you OK? Do you need help?”

These are people I have never seen before in my 35 years in Keizer. People in my neighborhood, folks I have never seen before, and they came to offer assistance if needed. I thank them for reminding me of all the truly good people we have around us.

G.I. Wilson