To the Editor:

As our healthcare system is undergoing changes and cuts are being made to meet needed budgets cuts, I hope that legislators and voters alike are aware of cost saving programs like Medicare Advantage.

Plans focus on preventative care services that basic Medicare plans do not offer. I have access to a club membership through my Medicare Advantage plan. I am now a regular attendee at the Silver Sneakers class at the local Courthouse Athletic Club. The instructors are well educated and focus on areas seniors need, such as balance and flexibility. They are also a great source for other health and nutrition information that keeps us on our toes.

I am grateful for the Silver Sneakers program.  I have deep emotional problems and need to feel safe at all times.  Being in classes help me to talk to other people and be accepted for who I am.  The benefit of class has helped my blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure.  And I’m in the normal range now.  I have lost 49 pounds so far.  The instructor is a very positive person and that helps me relax and have fun, too.  I have more energy now than I have had for years.

Improvements in my health will keep me coming as well as my classmates that are a source of encouragement and friendship.

Norma Schwartzenberger